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Dr. Arnold Plotnick
is a board-certified veterinary internist, feline specialist, and the owner of Manhattan Cat Specialists. In addition to his medical work, he is an award-winning veterinary medicine writer.

He is a featured article writer in Cat Fancy magazine, an 
advice expert on CatChannel.com, and authors the blog "Cat Man Do."
Anesthesia and Analgesia (Pain Control) Infectious Diseases
     "Pain Management using Metacam"      "Cryptosporidiosis"
     "Advances in Pain Control"      "Feline Infectious Peritonitis"
          "Feline Leukemia Virus" / “Update on Feline Leukemia”
Behavior      "FIV: the Feline Immunodeficiency Virus"
     "Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome"      "FIV – Vaccination Concerns and Questions"
     "Urine Spraying/Marking"      "Giardia"
     "Separation Anxiety in Cats"      "Heartworm Disease in Cats"
     "Therapy for Urine Spraying"      "The Difficulties in Diagnosing FIP"
     "Pica - When Cats Eat Weird Things"       "Toxoplasmosis"
     "Catnip - the Mysterious Herb"      
     "The Truth About Bartonella"   Miscellaneous
     "Do Cats Grieve for Other Cats?"       "Ten Tips for Nine Lives"
     "Toilet Training your Cat"      "Cat Hoarders- Beware of ‘crazy cat ladies’"
     "Helping Your Veterinarian Make the_Diagnosis"
Cardiology      "High Blood Pressure"
     "The Heart of the Matter"      "Hot Weather Tips"
     "Arterial Thromboembolism"      "Pet Ownership for Immunocompromised People"
     "Heartworm Disease in Cats"      "Laser Surgery"
     "High Blood Pressure      "Transdermal Medications"
     "Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy"      "Trimming Your Cat’s Nails"
     "Foul-Smelling Felines"
Dentistry and Oral Disorders      "How To Pill a Cat" (Video)  
     "Dental Disease"      "Catnip - the Mysterious Herb"
     "Tooth or Consequences"      "Potpourri, Glow Sticks, & Slug Bait, Oh My!" (Toxins)
     "Severe Gingivitis/Stomatitis"
     "When Cats Drool" Neurology
     "Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome"
Dermatology      "Seizures"
     "Pemphigus Foliaceus"   
     "Cat Bite Abscesses" Nutrition
     "Skin Disorders in Cats"      "Diabetes, Obesity, and Diet"
     "Hair Loss in Cats"      "Critical Nutritional Support"
     "Mammary Hyperplasia" 
     "Ringworm" Oncology
     "Foul-Smelling Felines"      "Cancer"
      "Gastrointestinal Lymphoma in Cats" 
Emergency and Critical Care       "Mammary Tumors in Cats" 
     "Blood Substitutes"         "Multiple Myeloma"
     "Critical Nutritional Support"  
     "First Aid" Ophthalmology
     "First Aid for Kittens"      "Your Cat’s Eyes"
       "Corneal Ulcers"
     "Diabetes, Obesity, and Diet"  Parasitology
     "Diabetes"      "Fleas and Ticks"
        "Transient Diabetes       "Summer Parasite Control"

     "Transdermal Medication for the Treatment
       of Hyperthyrodism

      "Hyperthyroidism in Cats Pediatrics
        "Keeping your Kitten Healthy"
Gastroenterology      "First Aid for Kittens"
     "Gastrointestinal Lymphoma in Cats"       "Top Ten Kitten Health Concerns"
     "Megacolon"      "Care of Orphan Kittens"
     "Pancreatitis in the Cat"  
     "Inflammatory Bowel Disease"  Pharmacology
     "Linear Foreign Bodies in Cats"      "Transdermal Medications"
Genetics Renal (Kidney) Disorders
     "Cloning – Should We or Shouldn’t We?"      "Long Term Management of Chronic Renal Failure in Cats"
     "Genetic Disorders in Cats"      "New Test for Renal Disease"
     "Gene Therapy"      "High Blood Pressure"
     "Polycystic Kidney Disease"       "Polycystic Kidney Disease"
     "Polydactylism (extra toes)"
Geriatrics      "Mammary Hyperplasia"
     "Geriatric Health Care for Cats"      "Pregnancy Prevention"
          "Spaying and Neutering"
Hematologic (Blood) Disorders  
     "Anemia: treatment with erythropoietin" Respiratory Disorders
     "Blood Substitutes"      "Asthma"
     "Blood Transfusions"        "Viral Upper Respiratory Infections" 
Hepatic (Liver) Disorders Toxicology
     Jaundice – When Your Cat Turns Yellow      "Acetaminophen (Tylenol) Toxicity"
     "Toxicity of Over-the-Counter Drugs"
     "Portosystemic Shunts"
     "Urine Bile Acids – a New Test for Liver
       "Hepatic Lipidosis"      "Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD)"
     "Vaccinating Your Cat"     
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